2 Simple Moves to Keep Your Car Bills in Check

a woman inside her car talking with a man

Many people overlook the common drivers of a car’s running costs, and it causes them to incur hefty bills. But with a little effort, you can keep your bills low and affordable without compromising your driving experience.

Experts from a leading auto repair shop in Alexandria say that to get the most out of your car irrespective of its age, you need to take a few proactive measures.

Polish your driving skills

Many motorists fail to make the connection between their driving habits and the monthly car bills. If you’re rough to drive who’s given to hard braking and acceleration, you’re likely to spend more on fuel than other drivers. Worse still, you’re likely to incur a high tab whenever you visit the garage.

Speeding over rough roads and careening over corner taxes all the systems in the vehicle and increases the likelihood of getting into an accident. Aggressive driving accelerates the normal wear and tear, which reduces the lifespan of major components such as brakes and suspensions. As a result, you might have to replace them sooner than the average driver.

Pick the right car

The type of a car you buy bears a considerable influence on the amount of money you’ll spend on maintenance. A study by the AAA shows that Americans driving 15,000 miles spend an average of $8,469 in running costs.

However, the individual costs vary between car models. A small sedan is likely to set you back about $6,354 while a large one sets you back almost $10,000. With an electric car, you’re likely to spend $8,439 in maintenance while a pick-up truck needs more than $10,000.

The key to a successful motoring experience is keeping the running costs low and affordable. With good driving habits and getting the right car, you can keep the maintenance costs low.