3 Reasons Your Car is Letting You Down

a girl checking her broken car

Have you been frustrated with your car lately because it just will not work the way it usually did? Then it might be a sign that something’s wrong with it. To identify the most common reasons your ride is failing you big-time, here’s a list of the possibilities you should be aware of.

Dead battery

A dead battery is the most common reason a car will not budge. The problem is often found on electrical wirings that are not properly attached or a weak battery charge. To ensure your battery is charged enough, double check the lights of your car before leaving, as it could drain the power out of your car. If your car battery has been in use for four to five years, consider replacing it with a new one, suggest mechanics from Jerry Lambert Automotive.

Empty gas tank

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Believe it or not, there are drivers who tend to ignore the fuel sign on their dashboard because they are in a hurry. In the end, they end up not refueling. According to experts, driving with an almost empty tank may cause serious damage to your car such as clogging the fuel filter and making your fuel pump wear prematurely. To avoid this, always keep your gas tank no less than 1/4 full so that it could work optimally.

Faulty spark plugs

Does your car often lose its power whenever you shift it to a higher gear? Or do you experience slow acceleration whenever you try to run it at high speed? Then it is likely because of worn out or faulty spark plugs, so be sure to replace it immediately. While it is normal for spark plugs to break or wear out, a regular car service would save you from this stress.

Do not let car troubles ruin your much-awaited road trip. Always keep these tips in mind for a smooth and hassle-free ride.