4 Awesome Ideas to Add Space to Your Vehicle

UTE in desert

Now that gas prices are lowering, you can afford to use your vehicle more. Unfortunately, you may not have enough space in your car or truck to carry all the cargo you’d like to carry. Are you planning to take that long road trip you’ve been dreaming of all year? Or do you just want to add space to your vehicle for business purposes? These tips can help you out.

Consider a Lift-off Body

A lift-off ute canopy body can add a lot of space to your vehicle. It offers lots of flexibility too. During the week, you can use it to safely transport your equipment to the farm and bring home agricultural products. Then the weekend comes. A lift-off body is perfect for carrying your camping gear, surfboards, or motorbikes to your fun-filled adventure.

Install a Roof Box

Does your vehicle have a rooftop rack? Then a quick and straightforward way to add more space to it is by adding a roof box to it. Even if your car is small and does not have a rack, you can connect a roof box by just connecting it through your window.

Go for Back Bumper Storage

Does it worry you that upper storage causes wind resistance? You can opt for a back bumper cargo rack instead. It should be easy if your car has a trailer hitch. But even if it doesn’t, your local mechanic should be able to install the hitch quickly and at a fair price. Whenever you want to use that extra space, all you need to do is add a bicycle rack or a storage basket.

Tow a Trailer

It’s the reason you have the trailer hitch in the first place. Invest in a trailer and pull it behind your car every time you need extra space. Trailers come in different sizes and types, depending on your needs. If you opt for the open framed one, be sure to cover your stuff securely before setting off. Also, don’t forget to check if the trailer needs to be registered.

There’s no limit to the ways through which you can add more space to your vehicle. Just be creative and know your budget, and you’ll be able to find an option that’s ideal for you.