Get the Lift You Need: Choosing the Right Crane for the Job

Having the right machinery can help you finish projects safely and efficiently, meet new customers’ demands, and grow your business. In getting a crane, there are considerations you have to take to choose the right one for your project.

From a management standpoint, questions of whether to purchase or rent, or get new or second-hand cranes will arise. Naturally, you’ll want the best quality crane for your budget. Wong Fong Engineering states that highly reliable truck-mounted boom cranes meet the EN12999 standards.

What do you have to lift, how big is it and how heavy is it?

A general guide is to consider the biggest and heaviest things you have to lift. Do not forget that the crane hook block and other lifting attachments add to the total weight of the load.

How far are you lifting or lowering?

This question includes where the crane will be sitting and how close it can get to the load that must be lifted or lowered. Consider the maximum radius the crane can rotate as well.

What will the crane be sitting on?

You have to evaluate if the ground the crane will be sitting on can support the crane and the load it will be carrying. You also have to consider if its surface is dirt or concrete or if it is grassy or rocky.

How will the crane access and leave the site?

Check the routes the crane has to take to get to the site. Does it have to turn in tight corners? Will it go through narrow driveways?

There is a wide range of cranes from which to choose. They do not just vary in loading capacity; they also have different reaching capacity, different sizes and different wheels for different terrains.

With the Building and Construction Authority announcement that Singapore’s public construction demands are projected to grow, is your team ready?