How Big an Environmental Impact Opting for a Used Car Has

Now that you’ve finally decided that it’s time to buy a car, whether your first ever or a replacement for your existing bumpy ride, the next big question is whether to go for a brand new or a pre-owned one. You already know that both have their advantages over the other. However, it’s this list of pros that have you confused even more.

You have every right to choose whichever you fancy more. However, before you settle for the far pricier, fresh-out-of-the-factory one, it’s best that you also consider the environmental impact of doing so. In many cases, used cars for sale in Raleigh offer a greener choice, mainly because of the following aspects:

Reduces the toll that new car manufacturing places on the environment.

Although automobile manufacturers have their energy managers responsible for discovering energy efficiencies in every new product they roll out, the new car manufacturing process itself already places a considerable burden on the environment. It takes so much energy to create new parts, and as you know, there are countless components that go into each new car.

As such, by simply choosing to purchase a pre-owed ride, you already contribute to the reduction of additional environmental impact. You can take advantage of the existing footprint of a used vehicle, which is better than introducing a new one.

Keeps the scrapyard pile smaller.

Every year, about one million junk cars go through the scrapping process. A bit of good news is that a major portion of these non-functional machines is recyclable – about 95%. However, the remaining 5% ends up in landfills. While this may seem small, it quickly adds up when you multiply all those parts by a million every year. Furthermore, many of these cars are still actually operable; it’s just that no one has chosen to save and continue using them.

You can help lessen this occurrence by opting for a pre-owned car since you can extend its use and lifespan for as long as you can before it finally has to go to the yard.