How Much Should You Spend On Car Sales Taxes In Utah?

a woman buying a car

Utah charges up to $900 in sales taxes for the purchase of a vehicle whether you purchased an old or new vehicle, on top of fees for car registration, title, and plate.

If you plan to buy Ford transit cargo van in Provo, Tyacke Motors notes that having a bigger garage would be one thing to consider aside from sales taxes.

Taxing Sales

Those who plan to trade-in their old car may save money from paying taxes. A dealership may offer to take your used vehicle and charge its value against the price of your desired car. The value of trade-ins in the state are tax-exempt, which means you would only have to pay taxes on the new car’s remaining price after deducting the value of your traded vehicle.

Some dealers also entice people to buy cars with cash rebates and other incentives. These marketing strategies are not covered under the state’s tax regulations, so think about the discounted price of a brand-new car when you’re inclined to purchase a second-hand vehicle.

Remodeling Your Garage

Most people who want to have a bigger vehicle may forget to include the price of expanding their garage. If you still want to keep your old vehicle yet have no space for a bigger one, the average cost of building a two-car garage costs around $26,153.

The lowest you can spend would be almost $17,100, but that will depend on the kind of materials and type of garage you want at home. An attached garage is normally more affordable than a detached structure, since it requires less work. A two-car garage should at least have a width and length of 20 feet for those who will use it for an SUV or van.


Choose a car dealership that will explain all upfront fees for buying a car. It also helps you if you transact with dealers that offer a wide selection of vehicle brands and services such as delivery and car detailing.