Keep Your Porsche Yours: How to Prevent Car Theft

Tail light of sport grey car with rain drops and shadows. Closeup headlights of car. Modern luxury car close-up banner background. Concept of expensive, sports auto Closeup headlights Porsche 911

A Porsche is not just a fancy car. It’s a status symbol, your status symbol. For many owners, a Porsche is a dream come true after years of hard work and saving money to afford one.

That being the case, you want to keep your luxury sports car for as long as possible. And you’re not simply trying to keep it running, you also have to keep it with you and not in the hands of car thieves. Here are some tips on how to safeguard your Porsche:

Keep it Clean

Car thieves who spot a clean and shiny car realize the owner takes care of their car. And because the owner takes care of their car, they are more likely to invest in security devices to keep it. Many people with shiny cars are less likely to leave it far and for a long time too. The thought may be enough to scare off a few car thieves.

Keep it in Good Condition

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, take your car in for Porsche repair service in New York City immediately. A car in good condition is not likely to stall when you’re in the middle of nowhere, where nobody can help you. That is a recipe for danger not only for your car but for you.

Choose a Stick

Many people in the U.S. never learned how to drive a stick, so if you choose an older Porsche, it might be wise to choose one of those manual transmission beauties.

Watch Where You Park

Parking it in a dark area with no security is like giving thieves a free pass. Choose a space close to the building, if possible. A parking slot next to a security outpost or at least a lamp is also a good idea. Park next to a lamp even during the day so your car is in the lighted area if the night falls before you get back. At home, park it inside the garage, lock the garage and the car. Don’t leave it out in the curb. If you don’t have a garage, think about investing in one.

Install an Alarm

Your Porsche may come with an alarm system and an engine immobilizer (depending on the model year). Even if it does come with that feature, it makes sense to get a third party security system known for being very effective. Viper, for instance, is one of the highest rated systems. It’s pricier than most, but if it’s effective, it’s worth the money.

Driving a Porsche may have different meanings to different people, but to most, it’s like telling yourself and the world that you’ve arrived. Make sure your Porsche stays yours; secure it from theft with these tips.