Renting a Car? 2 Smart Ways to Keep Costs Low

Car Rentals on Laptop

Prices vary so much in the car hire industry that it may seem impossible to avoid paying premium prices. In most cases, the prices go up and down in leaps in response to demand and supply, explains a truck rental service in Auckland.

Naturally, busy periods correspond with higher asking rates while the slow weekends can net you incredible rates. However, there are other approaches that you can use to snag affordable rates when hiring a car.

1. Be wary of the rental insurance

While having insurance offers you peace of mind in case of a mishap on the road, sometimes it’s not necessary. Banks, credit card firms, and car insurance companies often provide coverage for rental cars. Therefore, buying rental insurance just amounts to an unnecessary expense. However, you need to check with your provider to ensure you’re covered before declining.

Again, be clear on what’s covered by your card provider, as coverage varies among various companies. Alternative insurance coverage is useful in avoiding the risk of a premium increase that could result from making a claim on your car insurance.

2. Opt for a long hire

Ideally, hiring a car for three days should cost you less than renting on for an entire week. Surprisingly, that’s not how it works in the car hire industry. Hiring one for a week might turn out to be cheaper than getting one for a couple of days. See, most business travellers are not as price sensitive as anyone who is travelling for leisure. Therefore, they are willing to pay premium prices on these cars.

With a longer hire, the rental companies are amenable to offering you affordable rates. So be sure to bargain when you get to the rental counter, and you could save a considerable amount of money.

It’s only natural to want to get the best value for your money when hiring a car. With a little bit of research and effort, you can get the best car hire rates and enjoy your trip.