Signs That You Need Wheel Alignment

A car wheel running through a puddle

Bad roads are your car wheels’ worst enemy. If you drive through potholes, poorly maintained roads, or if you hit a curb, then your wheel alignment will be affected.

Poor wheel alignment increases the rolling resistance of your vehicle. As a result, this puts more pressure on the tires, hence increasing wear and tear and at the same time, reducing fuel economy. To prevent this from happening, you need to bring your car to a Lakewood service center offering proper wheel alignment after every 6,000 miles or after noticing the following signs:

Steering wheel motion or crookedness

This is one of the most common and easiest signs to spot. The vibration is clear when you are driving holding unto the steering with both hands. These vibrations are a result of your vehicle tires pulling away from each other in the opposite direction. In other cases, you will notice that the steering wheel is off the center, forcing you to drive in such a way that you are correcting the misaligned wheels. As a result, you feel tired even after driving for a short distance.

Pulling sharply towards one direction

In some instances, this dangerous and possibly fatal vehicle mishap could be a result of underinflated tires. However, if your tire pressure has been checked and ascertained to be correct and your vehicle is still pulling towards one direction, then you must have your wheels aligned immediately.

Uneven tire wear

Check to ensure that both back and front tires have the same wear patterns. If they have the same pattern, then your car is aligned. However, if the wear patterns vary from one wheel to the other, then you have a misalignment problem.

Wheel alignment helps in maintaining your car in good order and condition for a long time. Additionally, it helps in making your driving experience easy and risk-free. As such, always keep a schedule of when to have your wheel alignment checked for your safety and of other motorists on the road.