Why Parents Need to Enroll Their Children in ATV Safety Classes

Friends having fun with the ATV

The summer season in Pennsylvania marks the time when people take out their all-terrain vehicles to refresh their skills on all-terrain driving, especially among young people. Parents should then choose the right vehicle for their children — particularly those between eight and 15 years old.

For instance, there are Argo XTV utilities from Shank’s Argo that cater to different ages. While shopping for the right vehicle is important, parents should also enroll their children in safety courses.

Safety Laws

The Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association urged parents to enroll children below 16 years old on safety training courses before letting them use ATVs. A typical course lasts between four and five hours, which shouldn’t be too much time if it means preventing accidents.

These training classes not only equip your child with the necessary safety habits but also ensure that you comply with safety laws in the state. In some cases, authorities can even confiscate ATVs if children aren’t fully trained for driving on rough terrain.

Some experts also suggested that drivers below 16 years old should only use an ATV with an engine size below 90cc.

Quality Gear

Training courses only take someone as far as safety habits are involved, since it’s also important that young and old drivers wear protective gear. An investment in a good helmet should be among your priorities when shopping for ATV accessories.

In other states such as West Virginia, parents and guardians of children below 18 years old face penalties or community service hours if they let their children use an ATV without wearing a helmet.

It is easier for a parent to sign up their child for a safety training course instead of bringing them to the emergency room. Aside from training classes, adults should be more deliberate about picking the right ATV vehicle for their children.