3 Amazing Places in Staffordshire to Shoot a Movie

Its distance from the crowded, noisy streets of London, the beautiful outdoors, and the many historical buildings make Staffordshire a favoured filming location. So, if you’re planning to shoot an independent, personal, or big-budget movie, you will never run out of picturesque locations here. For starters, you can film a sequence or the entire movie in these places:

Biddulph Grange Garden

While extensive, well-manicured gardens are common around the UK and the rest of Europe, Biddulph Grange Garden stands out for one reason: themes. It displays its vast collections of topiaries, shrubs, trees, and other plant species native to a particular country. In here, you’ll have a place that feels like China, another that reminds you of Italy, and so on.

Although the garden is best for period films, it’s just as noteworthy for shooting sequences that require an ‘international feel’.

The Roaches

Are you planning to shoot a sci-fi movie? One of the best locations for that is The Roaches. A rocky ridge, this place is believed to have inspired the story and adventure of Sir Gawain. The area is a favourite walking trail, which covers more than 14 kilometres. Its most memorable feature is the Lud’s Church, which is a small gorge with greens growing on the walls.

Old, Grimy Buildings

Some establishments in the area are abandoned, such as the old coal mines of Chatterley Whitfield. These brooding, dark places are an ideal backdrop for a horror, thriller, or dystopian movie. It works great with action sequences are great, too. You’ll have to work closely with the local council if you want to get permission to shoot, however.

When filming, remember that location is everything. To accomplish that, though, there’s much to be done behind the scenes. For instance, if you want above-ground, panoramic, and wide-angle shots to add more depth and interest to the movie, you’ll need a way to get your filming gear on high places. Although you could use a drone, nothing beats the stability and quality offered by cherry pickers from companies like Premier Platforms. They can go as high as 60 metres and have enough space to carry big film cameras and people, in fact.