Centralized PM for Capital Projects: Ensuring Long-Term Efficiency

Companies that handle large projects can surely remember the days when project management was about having a whiteboard and an endless supply of multi-colored post-it notes. It’s not a totally alien idea, today, but scaling this analog system to accommodate a capital project is impractical.

A centralized project management portal is the modern alternative, and the better choice, ever since the dawn of Cloud computing. In handling a multinational staff, keeping up with the project, and having multiple communication platforms, implementing a rigorous PM methodology will create order across the board. A single portal addresses the one big problem across large or multinational deployment: the disconnect between departments.

Customization and Collaboration

A centralized PM platform, like Springboard portal, is right for you, but how exactly? It’s always in the cards for large operations, and customization and collaboration play a big part.

You can simplify certain processes within the company. Tasks like coordinating schedules, distributing manuals and producing performance reports will benefit from built-in applications on the platform. This way management and employees, alike, have a single point of reference, which is the main point of having a centralized system.

The portal also makes collaboration – which tends to be a weak point of many organizations – an easier feat to accomplish. When hierarchical decision-making works independently, it can be counter-productive and hinder progress. A centralized PM will improve interaction, on so many levels. Communication will be easier, and collaboration can take place across varied tiers of the organization. Those in charge of decisions can discuss the issues and come up with a solution in real time.

A PM in the Cloud makes it even better. That means you can save on in-house IT costs, implement better intra- and inter-team cooperation and lower overall risk.

A Nod to Visibility

The goal of all centralized enterprise PMs is to share information for visibility’s sake. When senior-level staff stays up-to-speed with the project’s projected delivery, they can adjust budgets, schedules, risks and all other vital factors. This is why visibility results in other good things, such as quick reactions and responses to both unexpected developments and project progress.

Project management is hardly a new concept; but, through the years, it has transformed and leveled up. Capital projects are one of its biggest beneficiaries, and not much can replace the capabilities of project management as we now know it, when handling such a large responsibility.