Choosing the Right Pre-Loved Office Workspace

Office cubicle

New companies have a lot on their minds during the first couple of years of operation. They are always looking for budget-friendly options in their transactions. And that includes office furniture.

Companies have seen the pros of buying preloved office furniture, and the market for used cubicles in Salt Lake City is growing. The benefits are not only economic. Used cubicles are also durable and stand the test of time. They’re environment-friendly and deal a greater impact than recycling paper or aluminum.

The new problem companies face is knowing what kind of cubicle best fits their office layout. With so many factors to consider, it’s almost impossible to know where to start. Here are a few pointers that could help:

Collaborative Workspaces vs. Private Cubicles

The debate on open versus divided cubicles has been a hot topic these past few years. Open or collaborative desks sought revival with the rise of the millennial workforce. They allow more communication among employees and make office hierarchy more laid back. Meanwhile, private cubicles brought more focus and productivity.

You can start looking at the kind of culture you want your company to create. Consider your company’s work environment, then go from there. If you like creativity and collaboration, choose open workspaces. For privacy and maximum productivity, go for private cubicles.

It also helps to know the demographic of your company. Does your workforce consist of mostly millennials or older generations? Different age groups have different workspace preferences.

The Ergonomics of Workspaces

Ergonomics refers to the employee’s efficiency in his/her workspace. The comfort and functional design of office cubicles are often overlooked, causing workers to suffer from body pain and stress.

A cubicle can be ergonomic when it can hold all the employee’s essentials. At the same time, everything should be at an arm’s reach to lessen slouching. If possible, choose a cubicle that has a keyboard tray for easy access. There should be enough space under the desk for the legs and the knees as well.

Used office cubicles are both cheap and durable. Make sure you pick the right kind that will reflect your company’s environment. Most importantly, they should promote not only productivity but also comfort.