Designing Your Office Environment to Boost Productivity

a man with bad posture sitting in an office workstation

How much should an entrepreneur spend to make employees love their workspace? Is it worth the investment? A growing body of research says absolutely.

Furniture specialist Online Office Furniture notes that what workers see, hear, and feel within the office environment significantly affect cognitive ability, motivation, engagement, and focus, all of which translate to productivity.

Here are key areas in office design that you as an entrepreneur can tweak to get the best results and the most innovative ideas from your team:

Private or Open Work Stations

Some 70 percent of workers in the U.S. are now working in very open spaces. In spite of the recent trend meant to bring down overhead and foster collaboration, giving employees more privacy helps them tune out the office chatter and really focus on work.

If the buzz around the workstation is always about an exciting new idea or game plan, keeping the spaces too open is great, but some people simply tend to be loud and distracting unnecessarily. Listening to more phones ring within earshot, workers are often unable to hear themselves think.

Balance is the key. There are several office cubicles for sale that strike a balance between privacy and collaboration. There is no shortage of design solutions for office cubicles to help your team be more productive.


Stretches at your desk are now being encouraged to replenish lost energy and prevent lower back or neck pain. Assuming the wrong posture while seated for a long time poses health risks so, for the same reason, you must use ergonomic office furniture.

When selecting a chair, for example, consider adjustability, leg clearance, stability and back rest. Read this article for more tips from Mayo Clinic.

Strategic Use of Colors

Colors like gray, beige, or white bring out feelings of sadness, according to a study done by the University of Texas. The best way to rev up productivity is to use Mother Nature’s palette of light blues and leafy greens. The human mind associates creativity, calm, focus, and harmony with nature.

Your workforce is your company’s best resource, so harness all that energy wisely by letting your office set up work for you.