ERP Integration with the Internet of Things Gains Momentum

Guy working on ERP

As times change, more opportunities spring up for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). One such favourable event involves the relationship between ERP and the Internet of Things (IoT). This connection continues to gain momentum this year, as more enterprises enhance their operations through innovative ERP solutions online.

More data automatically gets into the ERP system since nearly all devices and products link to the Internet. This makes it easier for companies to monitor and manage all their resources. As the IoT ties up with ERP, more customer-centric tactics for businesses also pop up for their benefit. It only makes business sense for companies and other organisations to adopt this trend and see it work to their advantage.

Here’s why

Enhanced Field and Customer Service

The joint forces of IoT and ERP gives you better customer and field service by providing an improved overview on your business, including your shipping partners, your supply chain and even appliance performance.

Moreover, the combination of the two makes it possible for you to offer your customers new services. You can even keep tabs on your products even after a customer purchase, and possibly offer that same customer advice and extra services.

Availability of Business Monitoring in Real-Time

Processing, analysing and showing unstructured data from devices with structured data in another may seem chaotic for some businesses. This is where ERP simplifies operations, by providing and processing all this data real-time.

With the involvement of IoT, which offers real-time analyses, you might as well expect satisfied customers to find your company’s information right away.

Pushing ERP Potential to Its Limits

With real-time business monitoring made possible, the integration of ERP along with IoT can link people, processes, data and things. This allows you to come up with better decisions and new services.

The market sees a more solution-intelligent and flexible ERP system. More data processed means a brighter future for businesses.

The adoption of the Internet of Things with ERP can lead plenty of businesses to maximise their potential. IDC, a research firm, foresees 40 per cent of all data to be machine-generated by 2020. All these devices will fuel growth for businesses, and this future, according to studies, begins now.