Extended Stay? It’s Better to Rent a Fully-Furnished Apartment

If you are a businessman who has a lot of work to take care out of town, one thing you’ll need is a place to stay. A hotel is always a good choice, but big hospitalities offer too little for such a big price. As a seasoned traveler, you’re better off going through your options than settling for the biggest hotel chain in the area.

Furnished Rentals: A Better Option

Renting is the more viable option you, especially today when there are several options outside of a hotel. A furnished residence should be a top candidate; you’ll get all the good things about a hotel without the expensive per-night cost. Whether it’s in New York, NY or Norfolk, VA, your extended stay don’t have to be pricey.

If you are traveling alone, you don’t really have much need for a big space for your temporary residence. A hotel room or fully-furnished apartment will do. These two types of residences are also ideal because their rates are all-inclusive.

Besides the two aforementioned rental options, a fully-furnished apartment is the better one because of the following reasons:

More Space – While space is not really a major concern, it would be nice to have more space to move around and/or entertain the occasional guest. Fully-furnished apartments are typically more spacious than hotel rooms.

Cooking and Doing Laundry Is Allowed – Fully-furnished apartments typically come with cooking facilities, as well as a washing machine and drying area. This means that you can cook and do laundry, unlike in a hotel room, where eating and laundry are expensive necessities.

Rental Cost per Day Is Lower – They are also generally cheaper to rent than hotel rooms considering the per day equivalent of the rental.

Working or doing business away from home for an extended period of time can become a very costly expense. Fortunately, there are extended stay options you can consider such as fully-furnished apartments that provide you the convenience and comfort of home with the high price tag.