Great Ideas on How to Advertise Using Promotional Products

Businessman conceptualizing brand marketing

Giving promotional items is a very good idea to keep your brand in the consciousness of your existing and prospective customers. In the past, companies printed their logo on everything: mugs, pens, mouse pads, shirts, and even socks and candies.

Things have changed. In Melbourne, promotional products are still an important aspect of many companies’ advertising strategies today.

What to Give Out

You can use almost anything as promotional items. This includes food, writing instruments, apparel, reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and calendars, among many others.

If you think that you need to print your logo on all these products, you are wrong. At least, not in all cases. Sometimes, it would yield more benefits if you instead personalise the items for your clients. You may print your logo, but make sure that the client’s identification is more prominent. If the recipient likes the product, he will tell his friends where he got it.

Targeting the Environment

This means giving items that are used in the environment, and people have the decision to use your product or not.

You are running an online business, for example. You may give flash drives or mouse pads that can be used when your target customers are in front of their computers. Your giveaways will be used when a decision maker is considering placing an order.

Avoid Items with a Short Shelf Life

Choose items that will be useful for a long time. For instance, instead of imprinted sticky notes, you may use a holder that can be used many times. There is one major exception to this rule, and that is food. Food is a much appreciated promotional product during holidays.

The Power to Choose

If your Melbourne promotional products are not customised, allow your clients to choose an item. Chances are, customers will choose items that they need. This way, you can be sure that your items will be useful for the recipients.

These are only a few ideas on marketing your business with the use of promotional items. Use your creativity to come up with more ideas.