How to Keep your Clients’ Fragile Items Safe on an Aircargo

Tape gun and packaging materials for fragile itemsAir cargo and shipping is vital for sellers and retailers all over the world. Even ordinary people use air cargo services to ship items for their loved ones from different parts of the world.

This is the main reason why as an air cargo company, you would have to be very careful in handling your clients’ items to make sure that you would not lose their trust. Today, we will discuss why you should use rollertrack systems to keep your cargo safe, as well as other things that you can do to ensure the safety of your clients’ items.

What can Rollertracks do to Ensure the Items’ Safety?

The rollertracks or rollerbed system can help your staff load and unload the boxes to and from the aeroplane. This requires 20% less effort compared to the most commonly used standard roller system to transfer air cargo containers. The system can load and unload air cargo pallets as well as ULD containers, and it can hold up to a massive 30 tonnes.

It can automatically keep the items safe during loading and unloading and minimises the time used for the said activity.

Who Should I Hire for this Type of Job?

You should hire experienced people for this type of job. They would have to be strong enough to carry these boxes, as even with a rollertrack system, they would still have to carry the boxes themselves at some point.

Make sure to train your staff carefully to make sure that the items would not be put at risk and that all of the boxes will be safely contained inside the aeroplane.

Where Should I Put the Fragile Items?

As an air cargo business owner, you probably already know that there are special shelves and containers where you can put your clients’ fragile boxes. These boxes are most likely labelled with a “Fragile” sticker, so you would know where to place them.

The pallets are usually located on the main level of the cargo aeroplane. The plane holds nothing but cargo, so basically, the whole plane is loaded with it.

Do your research and get proper training (along with your staff) to make sure that everything goes smoothly every time your plane leaves the ground.