Most Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes by Homeowners

Sink inspection done by a professional plumber

Plumbing problems are nothing rare for most homeowners. That’s why most of them often try to figure out how to fix these problems on their own. However, not relying on 24-hour plumbing experts can be a problem. Here are a few of the most common plumbing mistakes that most homeowners do and how you can avoid them.

Hasty Fixes

There are days when rushing through a plumbing problem may seem like a great idea. However, easy patches for plumbing problems are never an ideal solution. In fact, one of the most common mistakes that people do is the failure to turn off the water. Even a little act of turning the knob can greatly help you with tidying the job.

Failing to Remove the Disposal Plug

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to garbage disposals is neglecting to remove the plug on the garbage disposal. The plug creates a seal that can cause a problem on the hole where the dishwasher hose is connected.

Pipes That Don’t Match

It’s always advisable to pay attention to the pipes that you’ll be using for your DIY plumbing project. Choosing the wrong size and shape of the pipes may cause problems in the future. Another common problem that people encounter when doing DIY plumbing fixes is connecting a copper pipe to a galvanized metal pipe. These materials react negatively to one another, which causes corrosion and eventually leakage. So, ensure that you’re using the correct material for your plumbing.

There are instances when you can actually resolve the plumbing issue all by yourself. But for other complicated things, it might be best for you to contact a professional plumber to do the job. Doing so will ensure that everything will be fixed in a short period.