Not-So-Typical Family Vacation Tours That Teens Can Also Love

photo of a complete family with holiday vibes showing on their smiles

The older your child gets, the harder it becomes to convince them to go on a family trip with you. They can find it a little boring, or maybe their teenage preferences are getting in the way. Thing is; there are still vacation options where your teenager will be interested enough to go.

Sporty Vacation Tours

If you know have an active and energetic teenager, you can suggest these kinds of excursions for your next family getaway. There are many unique and exciting activities that you can choose from, including skiing, kayaking, and riding a zip line. And even if your teen may be a little sedentary, once you all start it may even be hard for your teen, or even you, to stop.

Themed Getaways

Maybe your teen has specific interests such as art, music or cooking. With that in mind, search for a tour that can cater to your teenager’s hobbies this time. The beauty of this family vacation option lies in the fact that you can also make your itinerary while your child enjoys his/hers. You only need to make sure that all family members can enjoy their chosen activities to some extent or another.

Out-of-Country Trips

If you have the money for it, as well as passports and other requirements, then you could go to another country for your vacation. You can even tie it in with the earlier discussed trips that listed above. For example, you can have's Switzerland hiking tours as part of a bigger theme of mountain climbing or camping and still manage to leave the country. It will be a once in a lifetime experience putting these activities together in one trip.

Your family vacation doesn’t have to be a topic of conflict between you and your teenager. After all, the goal is to give all family members a chance to unwind and bond outside your home. There are many tour ideas out there for you to try and explore and all you need to do is agree on one and enjoy it as a family.