Post Hole Boring: Operational Safety Procedures

a man holding a driller and a yellow post hole boring on the background

The installation of fences, signage or posts can be difficult when you don’t use the right tools. Post hole diggers or augers are labour-saving tools that quickly remove large amounts of soil needed to install posts. Companies that offer post hole boring services in areas like Waikato follow safety precautions and procedures to avoid malfunctions and injuries.

Pre-Operation Safety Measures

Specific measures should be followed before workers conduct post hole boring services. Workers cannot use the tool without an instructor giving them the permission to use and operate it safely. Workers should also use personal protection equipment (PPE) such as safety footwear, protective clothing, face and eye protection, gloves and hearing protection. This will prevent injuries from flying debris, entanglement or contact with the rotating blade.

Before operating, a worker must ensure that safety guarding for auger adapters, input shafts, drivelines and safety signs are in good condition and properly installed. Workers must also check the digger and ensure that connections, pins and bolts are in place. The digger can only be used if the cutting edges and auger point are in good working condition.

Operational Safety Measures

Post hole diggers or augers are typically designed for one-person operation. During the operation, workers must ensure that there are no bystanders nearby. The area must be clear of branches, stones and other debris that might get entangled in the tool. The working area must also be clear of pipes or underground cables.

To avoid momentary loss of steering control or bouncing of the tool, workers must reduce speed when the implements are being mounted. They must refrain from shovelling dirt away from the rotating auger as it may be thrown or get caught in the tool. Workers should also take extra care when working on wet and slippery surfaces. Note, the digger must be turned off when refuelling.

Post-Operation Safety Measures

To stop the engine after the operation, turn off the ignition switch or depress the stop button. Allow the digger’s engine to cool down for two minutes or so and turn off the fuel tap. Once the engine is cooled down, workers can safely remove the auger from the machine.

Like other construction operations, safety measures must be followed when operating a post hole digger. By following these safety measures, posts and signage can be installed successfully without incurring injuries and machine malfunction.