Pro Tips for Packing Office Equipment

Properly packing office equipment

Moving an entire office is a huge undertaking. It requires disassembling furniture and office equipment, and then packing them properly. Otherwise, you could face potential losses due to damage to your equipment. If you intend to pack all your equipment DIY-style, a corporate relocation services provider suggests that you take these precautionary measures:

Disconnect all removable plugs and cords.

Do this before wrapping office equipment such as computer monitors, printers, scanners, and servers. If you still have the equipment’s original packaging, use that and the filler material it came in. Otherwise, wrap the equipment in heavy gauge, anti-static bubble wrap, and secure it with heavy-duty packing tape and rope.

Next, label all plugs and cords with masking tape and marker, and then place them inside plastic bags or containers. Make sure to pack them in with the equipment they’re used with.

Use durable packing boxes.

Put the equipment in durable packing boxes or containers and use crumpled paper or Styrofoam for filling in all empty spaces. This would prevent the equipment from moving inside the box or container while in transit to your new office and prevent damage.

Keep in mind the labels.

Don’t forget to mark the boxes with “THIS SIDE UP” on appropriate sides and “FRAGILE” on all sides just to be on the safe side. Also, make sure that your movers load and unload the boxes and containers containing your office equipment to avoid mishaps.

Done right, your office equipment would arrive in your new office intact and the same condition when they were packed. It’s crucial to note though that some electronic devices are more sensitive to low and high temperatures, as well as sudden temperature changes. With this in mind, consider transporting important and sensitive electronic devices in your vehicle where you could control the temperature, especially if you’re moving long distance.