Study Abroad Tips: How to Survive as a Student in London

two female students in London

A lot of people dream about studying abroad, especially in London. Getting a scholarship is just the first step, however—living out the entire course of your education here is just as big a hurdle. Here are a few tips to survive the student life in Central London.

Examine your budget

Knowing the high cost of living in London, it is only natural to make sure that you know your budget before heading off to study here. For many people, housing and rent take up the biggest chunk of their money. That’s why it is the most crucial part of the budget that you need to examine.

Whether you are receiving an allowance back home or working through a part-time job, it’s best to know how much you can allot for housing, so you can start looking for affordable student accommodation in Central London. Getting settled in is top priority.

Understand how housing works

While housing is the biggest issue in terms of budget, there are other things that may concern you in the long run, especially when choosing your accommodation. The culture of where you stay can influence the kind of friendships and connections that you establish during your study abroad. Your flatmates or building-mates can even become your best friends during your stay, especially if you study at the same university.

Other issues: banking and healthcare

If you are staying in London for a long while, you should get in the habit of having your own UK bank account. Even foreign students can avail of this, and the requirements usually include your passport, proof of student status in the UK, and proof of address both in London and in your home country. At the same time, another thing to prioritize is getting a European Health Insurance before you start your temporary transfer.

It may not be as easy to survive London as a student if you are not prepared. Once you get the basics down, the student life and the wonderful London culture will be yours to explore.