The Basic Ingredients of a Highly Lucrative Pretzel Business

hanging pretzels

Everything starts with a business plan. Entering the food industry without one is akin to crossing a busy intersection with a blindfold. While you are still deciding on the details of the startup you are investing money in, take a moment to consider a soft pretzel franchise. Yes, you read that right. Franchising a business revolving around the classic snack can be the way to riches.

How Pretzels Came to America

Historians would argue that the pilgrims who came to the New World on Mayflower used pretzels for trade with the natives. You can probably say this humble doughy snack was important in establishing the foundations of the United States of America. The first commercial bakery selling this versatile food item opened in Pennsylvania in 1861. It makes sense to build a business on food items with this type—something that is still made in bakeries across America and different parts of the world on a daily basis. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to be part of this food tradition?

Starting Out

When you start thinking about opening a commercial establishment that makes and sells pretzels, you must factor in the equipment needs at the outset. Trays, food bags, beverage machines are all essential; however, you have to prioritize pretzel making and storage equipment. Mixers, ovens, microwaves, humidifiers and display cases are on top of the list, along with freezers and coolers. The day-to-day operations require supplies as well, and if your idea is to offer gourmet products, then there are additional ingredients and materials to add to the list.

Lastly, get to know the market and determine which population or demographic will make up the potential market of your brand. Franchising has its advantages, given the availability of market data you may refer to, but the local picture must still be clear. After all, you will be established at a specific locale. Understanding the specific needs of the market is, therefore, critical.