Top 4 Tips When Importing Goods from China

Now that you’ve discovered how China became popular among international businesses, you’ll surely be glad of their efficiency in manufacturing and shipping your bulk product orders. Online wholesale and retail sellers have been making it possible to browse multiple types of products that businesses around the world can import into their homeland.

In the Philippines, there are many options for customs brokerage services that can handle all legal requirements for your business when importing goods from China. While a language barrier may be obvious, these tips should help you know how to handle Chinese vendors from ordering online to receiving your shipment.

1. Do not be intimidated.

If this is your first time doing business with a Chinese national, you may feel a bit intimidated, but you don’t have to be. Though there may be vendors who might lack communication skills, most of them are eager and willing to accommodate you. Stay friendly yet professional. Starting conversations with a compliment can also open doors to a good business relationship.

2. Do not assume.

Some vendor websites are not always updated. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have other products that are not on their site, or if the products labeled “Not Available” are now available.

3. Order samples first.

Most vendors allow this practice. Ordering samples will help you become familiar with the product you intend to sell before ordering in bulk. You also have to be prepared for the cost. Sometimes the shipping cost may be greater than the cost of the shipment itself. Keep in mind that this is all part of your investment in the business.

4. Consider payment options.

You’ll have to ask most vendors if they accept payments through PayPal or any form of payment. Most have wire transfers as their first option, so choose what’s more convenient for you.

You may have different experiences from different vendors, but what’s important is you learn from each one so you can make the next better.