Top Relocation Myths, Busted


Even though having a new house is definitely exciting, very few people look forward to the actual relocation. It is a big hassle, inconvenient and costly especially if you don’t plan it well. Many people try different things in order to bring these costs and inconveniences as low as possible.

This has resulted in many schools of thought that work, while others are plain myths that are not worth your time. Most of the myths revolve around reducing the amount of work your relocation specialist in Kansas City have to do as much as possible. Here are the best ones and why they don’t hold water.

Unpacking is the easiest bit.

This misconception moves many people into believing that they can take everything over as soon as the relocation company drops the boxes in their new home. On the contrary, it takes more effort to move heavy objects and go through all those boxes especially if you are alone.

Pack everything on your own.

This might work if you are handy with tools and have people to help you. But again, you will spend more time looking for the right boxes, disassembling your equipment or furniture or even wrapping your couch and mattresses to keep them clean during the relocation.

You can use your car.

Relocating some Chinaware or electronics in your car might seem like it lightens the load. However, it is the heavy and bulky things that push your moving budget up.

The trouble will not be worth the cost cuts you get when you finally get the relocation guys to move the rest of your stuff. You will have spent so many hours only to save a couple of bucks, the time you could have put into other useful stuff.

Moving is expensive and mostly an inconvenience. However, letting professionals handle it from the bottom up will either give you peace of mind.