Why You Should Choose a Career in Engineering

Engineers discussing the site plan

From building bridges to solving mathematical problems, a career in engineering is sundry and lucrative. It isn’t just about learning how to fix things but understanding how and why things work.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a career in this field:

1. Engineering is versatile

A career in engineering offers various options. Starting a career in engineering doesn’t necessarily mean getting a degree. Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd., an employment agency, says that people from all walks of life may start a career in engineering: from school leavers, ex-athletes, and hospitality professionals.

2. Engineers are in demand

Statistics show that engineers are in demand – 81% of engineering graduates get employment within six months after finishing university.

The demand for engineers in the United Kingdom if fulfilled would garner an additional £27 billion per year for the UK economy from 2022, which is equivalent to building 1,800 schools or 110 hospitals, according to research published in Engineering UK 2015, The State of Engineering. The number of engineering apprentices and graduates will need to double to be able to meet the demand.

3. Engineering is one of the highest paid jobs in the world

Engineers earn one of the highest salaries in the workforce. The average starting salaries for graduates in the UK is £19, 000 to £20,000 while engineering and technology graduates begin with £27,000. The average engineer earns up to £40, 000 per annum. Engineers from the oil and gas sector are the highest paid in the sector, earning an average salary of £53, 900.

4. Employment rate is higher

Engineering and technology graduates in the UK find it easier to find full-time jobs, and it’s made easier with the help of engineering recruitment specialists. There are various engineering and technical positions available for graduates such as field service engineers, design engineers, and maintenance engineers.

In a world that is increasingly relying on technology and innovation, engineers are needed. Engineering is more than just solving mathematical problems; it gives solutions to real-world problems.