4 Ways to Prepare for Long-Term Outages

Lighted candle near a powered down laptop during a power interruption

When an outage occurs, the first question is: when is the power coming back? While electricity returns almost instantly in some areas, there are instances when it lasts more than 24 hours. Prolonged electric shortages can be troublesome, especially if you’re not prepared.

Whether it’s for the house or for your commercial establishment, electricity is still important. Instead of living without power, it’s best to have a back-up plan., but what’s the best thing to do? Below are some suggestions to keep in mind in case of a prolonged power interruption:

Have a UPS battery

What better way of preparing for a long-term power interruption than not having to experience it at all? One of the best ways to do so is by using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This apparatus can be used to provide facilities with emergency power. If you have a business, it may be a good decision to go for wholesale batteries just in case.

Use flashlights instead of candles as much as possible

If given the choice between candles and flashlights, go for flashlights. While candles are helpful for sudden breakouts, it can potentially cause a fire. Children not capable of lighting up matches may cause accidents. With a flashlight, anyone can use it, especially young children. No need to light a match to have light; just turn on the button.

Always prepare an emergency plan

Sometimes, an outbreak is out of your control. Despite having flashlights and first-aid kits, some unprecedented events may occur. A long term power outage may be a difficult thing to deal with considering that people have become so used to having electricity. But, with the right preparation, having no power for a long time may be tolerable or manageable. Know the people to call for help or stock the refrigerator with food and be prepared.

Outages are never pleasant, but when you are prepared, these are tolerable and manageable.