5 Consequences of Delayed Fire Damage Cleanup

Firefighters training

Fire damage restoration is an arduous process but one that needs to begin as soon as possible. Immediate intervention helps minimize the damaging effects of heat, soot, water, and smoke. Here are some of the consequences of delaying fire damage clean up according to certified-disaster.com.

Discoloration begins minutes after fire damage.

Acidic soot residues can discolor plastics just a few minutes after extinguishing the fire. The soot can permanently mar materials such as alabaster and marble. It’s essential to engage a fire damage restoration service in Ogden as soon as the firemen finish putting out the fire.

Fixtures, appliances, and furniture will start to turn yellow.

If clean up does not start a few hours after putting out the blaze, your bath fixtures and countertops may start yellowing. Acidic soot may also tarnish unprotected metals and discolor your appliances and furniture.

Permanent wall discoloration and metal damage manifest after a few days.

It takes only a few days for acid residues to permanently stain walls and cause corrosion and rusting in unprotected metals. You can also expect to replace or refinish your wood or vinyl flooring if you delay fire damage clean up by a few days. Your textiles are also likely to become irreparably stained.

Restoration is extremely hard after some weeks.

Extended exposure to soot residue may lead to irreversible discoloration, corrosion or etching. If you delay fire damage restoration in Ogden by a few weeks, your carpets, silver-plated fixtures, and porcelain pieces might become unsalvageable.

The smoke odor will linger.

Ceiling and box fans may not disperse the smell of smoke. If you lack special tools, materials, and agents as well as delay getting professional help, there will be lingering odors in your home.

On top of the structural damage caused by flames, acidic soot residue can cause massive destruction to your property’s interiors and your belongings. The water that first responders usually use to stop a fire can worsen the situation. To protect your home and belongings from these destructive elements, don’t delay fire damage clean up.