Are You Thinking of Getting Veneers?

Young Woman with Veneers

If you are considering porcelain veneers, you may be wondering how many veneers you should get to successfully improve your smile. This is a complicated question and will depend on several questions that you might need to consider before you visit a dentist who provides this treatment, such as at Simply Teeth in Essex.

The first important question you need to think about is why you are getting porcelain veneers in the first place? If you are getting veneers to correct a misshapen tooth, you may want to get only one. If you are correcting a gap, then two porcelain veneers, one on either side of the gap, are recommended to improve your smile.

If you are looking to correct crooked, worn or discoloured teeth, you could benefit from anywhere between 8 to 20 veneers to give you your dream smile.

Are You Happy With the Rest of Your Smile?

If you are generally happy with your smile, perhaps you will only want to target specific problems. However, if you’re unhappy with your whole smile, you may want to consider upgrading your veneers procedure into a full smile makeover. This usually requires more dental work but can still be done quickly. In fact, it can be done in a matter of weeks. With a smile makeover, the shape, width, height and colour of each tooth can be changed according to your specific requirements.

My Teeth Are Stained

Another concern if you are considering veneers, is if you are often staining your teeth with coffee, tea, red wine, or cigarette smoke. This may mean all of your teeth are discoloured and so you might want to consider getting a full set of veneers.

If you only get a few veneers, it is important to note that the porcelain veneers will be initially matched to the colour of your teeth and will resist staining while the rest of your teeth become discoloured. This will make it obvious which teeth you have had veneered.

Another thing to consider when deciding how many veneers to get, is how you smile. Look at your full smile in the mirror. How many teeth show? This may influence your decision over how many veneers to get.