Give Your Pool a New Life with These Wonderful Style Boost Ideas

A Swimming Pool and Hot Tub with Lake View

A lot of homeowners often have second thoughts when considering pool renovations. They think it would mean big spending. The thing is, you don’t have to have a complete backyard overhaul to give it a new look and feel. There are many ways to give your pool a style boost without spending too much. The men and women at Unique Pavers Design suggest these ideas for a pool renovation.

Tiled Deck

Tiles may be the key to the much-needed style upgrade of your outdated pool. Pool deck tiles come in different sizes, colors, textures, and designs. These features make effective means to change the aesthetics of your pool area drastically. Some tiles, for instance, mimic the features of natural stones. They make an excellent option if you want to give the area some class and sophistication. Place large umbrellas and tables over your tiled deck to establish a resort-like ambiance.

Timber Deck

Installing a timber deck is also a great idea. It adds a more natural and outdoor vibe to your plunge area. While timber may be costly, you can find less expensive options from manufacturers. You can go for a DIY package or perhaps a complete service from a supplier-contractor. Timber decks also match well with timber and wicker outdoor furniture.

Pool Lights

Pool light installation is also a great way to give new life to your pool area. A beautifully-lighted pool area is perfect for families who love to go night swimming and those who like to host evening outdoor parties. You can install the lights onto the walls or incorporate them into the deck or landscape fixtures. Use varying colors and brightness to alter the mood.

Upgrading your pool is one good way to maximize its use as a family area. In addition, when done the right way, it can increase your home’s resale value. Plan your project today and give your backyard pool its much-needed style and functionality boost.