3 Healthy Habits for Young Professionals

Employees looking at the computer

Millennials are likely to become less healthy than their parents when they reach middle age, according to a study by UK-based Health Foundation. The study said young people, aged 20s or 30s, face more stressful conditions and struggle with housing, employment, and social relationships, which have a negative effect on their overall health and well-being.

This is bad news for young professionals because they might not live to reap their hard-earned savings fully. That’s why doctors continue to urge people to incorporate healthy habits into their daily schedules.

1. Drink Lots of Water at Work

Hydration is a key factor in staying healthy. The body needs water to keep itself detoxified, which it does through sweating or peeing. If your urine shows a yellow hue, it’s a warning that you need to gulp more liters of water whether you’re at home or the office. Drinking water throughout the day also helps wash away food particles from your teeth and gums. This prevents cavities and staining on your teeth, according to Alta View Dental Care.

2. Eat Enough and on Time

You might get tempted to eat late at night or eat chips and fries while you’re busy working. These are both unhealthy habits. The former disrupts your normal sleeping pattern while the latter could make you fat. Being overweight could lead to heart attacks and other organ diseases while not getting enough sleep could lead to stress and distraction from work.

3. Sleep for 7 Hours or Up

There’s a reason scientists recommend sleeping for seven to nine hours. This is the ideal amount of time that adults should spend resting so that they’d get recharged for the next day. In the age of smartphones and social media, staying up late online is a challenge that working millennials need to overcome.

Today’s millennials or young professionals are said to be at risk of maturing into less healthy counterparts of their parents. This news indicates the urgency to adopt healthy habits, which include sleeping on time and drinking enough water. By doing these, you’d be more chill with work while getting less stressed by it.