A Durable Alternative to Traditional Tooth Fillings

Woman smiling to show perfect teeth after a dental procedure

Sometimes, a tooth suffers so much damage that it can no longer support a regular dental filling. Or, it can also have damage not severe enough to warrant a dental crown. In these cases, one of your best options is to get a dental onlay.

With a dental onlay, you can restore cavity-caused tooth damage without having to resort to using a crown.

More durable than traditional dental fillings

Dental onlays work similarly to inlays, although the former provides a more extensive coverage. Compared to dental fillings, these are longer lasting and more durable, typically making them a better investment.

Cosmetic dentists in London, such as Fresh Dental, now offer these procedures using a variety of materials, so depending on your aesthetic requirements and budget; you can opt for composite resin or porcelain.

Cosmetic dentistry made easy and painless

The most reliable professionals in this field of dentistry utilise only the best and most advanced sciences and technology to cut procedure times short, while still ensuring their patients receive the best treatment with minimal to no discomfort or pain.

For instance, digital imaging devices allow them to take simply a photograph of your teeth, and from that, they can already design and create inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers. They can do this while you sit back and relax.

It involves only a short amount of waiting time – your dentist no longer has to take impressions, give you a temporary filling, or set you up for another appointment. This drastically cuts down on the time of the procedure.

Whether it is tooth-filling, onlay, or crown you opt for, have a licensed cosmetic dentist carry out the procedure as soon as possible. Delays will only place your oral health at huge risk, something that you will suffer from both in the short and the long term.