Braces Aftercare and Pain Management

Girl Wearing Braces

Braces can effectively straighten teeth. In fact, knowing the dos and don’ts of aftercare can even speed up the process. Other than regular appointments with your orthodontist, here are other tips to help you care for your braces and manage discomfort.

What to Expect After the Treatment

Placing the braces takes only about an hour or two. You can expect slight discomfort afterward. Your mouth may hurt and your teeth may be more sensitive. This could go on for until a week or so. Mouth sores may also develop, as your mouth is not yet used to the braces.

Managing Pain

Because of pain and discomfort associated with wearing dental braces, your orthodontist in South Jordan will advise you to eat soft foods, such as soup, mashed potato, and yogurt. This goes on until the pain is manageable. In addition to soft diet, you may also be prescribed with pain reliever.

Note that your teeth could hurt anytime during the treatment for no apparent reason. To avoid mouth sores, use orthodontic wax during the first weeks of braces. Simply apply the wax to the brackets that irritate your mouth. This is to minimize the friction between the rough brackets and your mouth.

Aftercare Tips

It could take you at least a month before you get used to your braces. After six months, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing braces. To make sure the treatment will be fast and effective, follow these aftercare tips:

  • Brush right after meals if you have braces. If not possible, then rinse your mouth with water. Flossing is as important as brushing.
  • Avoid eating hard and chewy foods, such as pretzels, bubble gum, pizza crust, and ribs.
  • Regular dental visits are important to assess overall oral health and determine if there’s a need to adjust the braces.

Braces are an effective solution for misaligned bites. To maximize the benefits of the treatment, you need to know how to care for the braces and manage pain and discomfort.