Keeping Depression At Bay With Three Amazing Natural Supplements

Mood disorders may come and go, but clinical depression is a mental illness requiring medical attention and psychosocial support. In the United States, symptoms of depression manifest in persons 12 years and older and based on Center for Disease Control Data, one in every 20 is affected.

Experts at Insight Nutrition note that these natural supplements for stress and anxiety may help you keep depression at bay.

Iron supplements

One of the known causes of panic attacks and anxiety is iron deficiency. This is especially so for women. Taking iron supplements upon recommendation by a licensed health practitioner or nutritionist can prevent episodes that lead to the release of stress hormones in the bloodstream. In women, of the main reasons for deficiency of this important mineral is depression.

Adequate levels of iron in the bloodstream ensure serotonin levels in the brain is maintained at ideal levels. It is well known that serotonin deficiency is one of the key characteristics of clinical depression. Remember that excess iron is not good for the body, and so iron supplements must only be used with advice from a doctor.

Fish oil

Omega-three fatty acids help maintain an optimal balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Cold-water fish species are the best sources of this nutrient. You can find supplements sourced from clean and sustainable fish farms. They are important in the smooth and speedy transmission of nerve impulses. With adequate levels of omega-6 fatty acids, the brain does not produce substances associated with stress and depression. In some studies, it was evident that depressive states can be prevented with intake of omega-6 supplements.

Kava root

You may not have heard of this herb before, but you need to know kava is the most celebrated of all supplements believed to counter anxiety. The herb is psychoactive, making its relaxing effect potent and reliable. In the brain, it is believed kava root boosts dopamine and GABA and prevents reuptake of norepinephrine. Anti-depressants produce the same effect on the brain.

Depression can be disabling. Natural supplements can protect you from wallowing in a depressive state.