Kybella: The Only FDA-Approved Double Chin Injectable

Girl showing off her big chin

The development and evolution of the human chin play a huge role in distinguishing genders. In males, this means having a broad chin; and in females, this means having a narrow one. However, a lot of people today have issues when it comes to their chin; not only because it’s extremely prominent, but also because they have what appears to be multiple chins. Known as a “double chin,” as many as 67% of individuals who have this excess fat below their real chin consider it bothersome, according to Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills. For many, centers in Beverly Hills that offer Kybella seem to be the answer.

Back to basics: How a double chin develops

Older people and those who are overweight often exhibit a double chin. Its appearance becomes even more noticeable with age. As a person ages, gravity pulls down the fat pad, while the loss of tone in the glands below the jaw bone and the muscles on the side of the neck also occur. But a double chin doesn’t just develop in older people. In younger people, even individuals who have a healthy weight can have it. Genetics, skin laxity, and bone structure all play roles if a person is going to have a double chin.

Kybella: Injecting double chin away

The good news is, there is a quick and safe way to say goodbye to your double chin. Through the help of a Kybella center in Beverly Hills, you can inject this excess fat under your chin away. One of the best features of Kybella is the fact that it only involves injections, which means you don’t have to go under the knife. It targets the fat resting below the chin, melting it away and ridding you of this feature. Furthermore, an entire session only takes about half an hour (or even less) and has very little downtime (even none). This is the only injectable for double chin approved by the FDA. Make your chin more prominent and remove that layer of fat. Consult your doctor about Kybella and whether it is right for you.