Phototherapy: How Light Helps with These Four Conditions

different types of light bulb

Every living thing on this planet requires a certain amount of light to grow and function correctly. That’s why light therapy or phototherapy has been known for its cost-effective and reliable ways to cure certain physical and mental conditions.

There are laser combs, like the Hairmax Advanced 7, that use phototherapy to strengthen weak hair follicles and promote hair growth. Light can be used to penetrate the skin and prevent wrinkles from forming too early. Here’s a look at four more conditions that light therapy can treat.


This is a condition that causes the skin and the whites of the eyes to turn yellow. This colour is caused by a bodily waste material called bilirubin. What light therapy does is it lowers the level of this waste material through photo-oxidation. This process makes it easier for the body to break down and remove this waste from the blood.

Eczema and Psoriasis

These are the two most common skin inflammatory conditions that can cause itchiness, dryness and redness on the skin. These usually happen when the immune system is over-active or abnormal. Phototherapy helps lessen the itch and slows down the development of the skin cells infected by the condition.


When you have a bad headache, your first instinct is to close your eyes and stay away from bright light. That’s because bright lights can worsen a headache. Studies have shown, though, that green light can help alleviate the pain of a migraine and reduce the body’s sensitivity to all other lights.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

As the fall begins every year, some people start to feel a depression known as SAD. People with this condition can feel moodier and less sociable than usual. This is caused by the lack of sunlight between fall and winter and can easily be treated by short and frequent sessions of light therapy.

Phototherapy has been a natural healing process that’s been used for thousands of years. And as technology develops, the medical industry will continue to find ways to help people take advantage of it.