Three Factors That Make a Patient Eligible for Dental Implants

Guy missing a tooth

Oral health Surveys show that over 70% of American adults between 30 and 45 years old are missing a tooth or more. While a missing tooth might not hit you as a cause for alarm, it can negatively impact your overall oral health. For example, gaps in your teeth can cause your teeth to wear out unevenly, and your teeth could shift to fill up the bare space, leading to a bad bite.

There are several reasons to replace lost teeth, and many ways to do so. The specialists at Smile Designs Dentistry recommend you avail of dental implants. Here are three factors that will make you eligible for the procedure.


For one to make a good dental implant candidate, he or she needs to be 18 and above. Younger patients will not qualify because their jawbone could still mature and grow. When you are older, experts no longer expect any shifts of the jawbone. Hence, the chances of the installed titanium implant staying in place are higher.

Excellent Periodontal Health

Another requirement is that a patient must be free of any periodontal infections or diseases. Anything that can affect the implant site may cause complications, and most dentists will prioritize solving other problems before performing the dental implant procedure in Manteca, CA.

Jawline Density

Patients with a dense jawline make the best candidates for dental implants. This is because their jawbones can keep the roots of the replacement tooth firmly in place. In case the jawline is inadequate, then chances of it not being able to provide the required support are higher. Unfortunately, there is little that dentists can do if a candidate is ineligible for a procedure because of this concern.

There’s no need to worry if you do not have all the qualifications for getting implants. Several other options are available for you, including bridges and dentures. Your dentist will discuss each of them with you and suggest which will be the best solution for your situation.