Truth: Getting Ahead Means Looking Great

Getting ahead in your career will mean strengthening your people skills. It requires you to be more persuasive. People expect you to inspire and excel in all aspects of being a professional. Accomplishing all that also means you have to look the part.

Looking Great

Going under the knife is not the solution to looking your best. Skin, teeth and hair need meticulous care for them to blossom into their best possible version. Your self-care regimen will not only result in a well-put-together image, but it also says a lot about you. It shows that you are responsible and can juggle work and personal needs.

Make an appointment with your dentist and avail yourself of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign, for example, is a new technique which straightens crooked teeth without having to wear glaringly visible braces. Invisalign’s costs per month will be well worth it the moment you feel more confident showing off those pearly whites.

An update in your hairstyle can also take years off your face. Studies have shown that people will perceive you as having more energy than your older-looking counterparts.

Finally, it may be a cliché to say that beauty starts from within, but it’s true. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. A healthy, well-balanced diet will help you maintain your ideal weight. It will also keep your skin glowing at any age. Also, find time to meditate; meditation works wonders.

Feeling Great

Research has found that standing tall and wearing heels support positions of leadership psychologically. People are more likely to take advice from supervisors of taller statures.

Happiness at work also has links to productivity, focus, and team harmony. So make sure to look happy at work naturally. Reflect your optimism with smiles and pleasant conversations with colleagues.

Taking care of yourself is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Don’t neglect yourself by failing to take the time, money, and effort to look and feel your best. The rest — success, esteem, happiness — will follow.