Why Do You Have Oral Pain? Here’s Your Answer

Woman experiencing sudden oral pain

Anybody who ever experienced a toothache knows all too well how painful it can get. It can be debilitating. You cannot do anything other than finding ways to reduce it perhaps by changing your position or eating soft food. It can increase your physical and emotional stress too.

But why do you feel such extreme pain in the first place? Are there other causes of oral pain?

Why You Are Sensitive to Pain

Pain is normal. In fact, it is helpful since it tells you something is wrong with your body. Not everyone, though, has a high tolerance to pain, especially if it’s due to a toothache.

Your many nerves play a huge role in feeling pain. These serve as the connection between your body part and the brain, which commands your body what to do. For example, if you touch a hot object, your hand will tell the brain you’re holding something with heat. In turn, the brain sends pain receptors, so you’ll let go of it.

The teeth are unique in some way. Inside them is a chamber with pulp. This pulp is a vascular bundle, which means it contains a lot of nerves. Moreover, the face itself has a lot more, which heightens your feeling of pain.

Causes of Oral Pain

Inflammation or infection is one of the leading causes of oral pain, but that’s not the only reason. You may develop it when you suffer from an injury. There may also be an underlying cause such as canker or mouth sores, as well as cancer.

Regardless, oral pain should not be ignored. Look for an emergency dentist in Stoke on Trent immediately. At the very least, the dentist can provide you with medications to hasten the healing or get rid of the infection.

There’s no simple oral pain. Unless it receives treatment, it can get worse and even threaten your life. Get help as soon as possible.