5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Greenhouse

Interiors of a Greenhouse

Society today has become more aware of the benefits of growing their own produce. And doing this in a greenhouse is the best way to get a good harvest. If you’re planning on setting up your own, there are polycarbonate sheet suppliers in the UK that can provide you with the perfect roofing.

There are also organic and non-GMO seeds available for personal use. If you want to set up a greenhouse to help your fruit and vegetable green thumb, be sure to consider these five essentials.

1. Location

Just because you have a huge backyard, doesn’t mean you can set up a greenhouse anywhere on it. Make sure that your structure can get enough sunlight and not covered by a nearby tree. Level foundations are also important to make sure your tables and plant beds are kept level as well.

2. Water Source and Drainage

While water is crucial to your plants, it can also cause damage if it remains in or around your greenhouse. Make sure that you can easily access water from your structure and choose to build on higher land if your area receives a lot of rainfall.

3. Orientation

Consider the position of your greenhouse in regards to the morning and afternoon sun it can receive. Then consider this together with what you’ll be growing and where they’ll be inside the greenhouse. You’ll want to get the right amount of sun for your babies.

4. Materials and Construction

Floors, benches, doors, tables. Knowing what materials to use for these are crucial to the growth of your plants. Do you want them to grow straight out from the ground or do you want your greenhouse to have its own wooden or concrete floor?

Choose what’s best for your planting skills and make sure the materials you use will keep your plants chemical-free.

5. Plants

Last but not the least is choosing what you want to grow. There’s a wide array of choices between herbs, fruits and vegetables and they may have different sun and water requirements. Know your plants and what they need and find the best place for them in your structure.

Growing and harvesting your fruits and vegetables can be very fulfilling. And having a greenhouse to protect them can ensure that you’ll be consuming organic fruits and vegetables not yet contaminated with pesticides.

So, put these five factors into your greenhouse setup checklist and start this journey towards a sustainable life.