Importance of Regular Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning system

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to function properly. Depending on their use, air conditioning units might operate for up to eight hours or more.

When buying from any of the popular air conditioning suppliers in Sydney, you must check out their support and maintenance plans.

Dirt and Dust

Normal operations of air conditioners entail blowing air through vents, sucking in air to help cool the coolant/refrigerant, and force the refrigerant through the pipes. This is possible with the use of fans, blowers and pumps. Air naturally has dust and particulates, which are filtered as they pass through the air conditioning unit.

Even after the air has passed through the filters, very fine particulates are attracted to the vents and vanes. This results in a very fine dark soot, which coats the nooks and crannies of the air vents.

For external cooling parts, some of the things you need to remove include bird nests, cobwebs, dry leaves, sand and dirt. Besides being a strain on the machine’s workload, there is the danger that a twig might lodge itself in some moving parts and affect the unit’s operations. There have been instances where the unit’s fan has been damaged by big pieces of debris blown by a storm or strong winds.

Support and Maintenance

It is easy to clean the filter and the unit usually comes with instructions for the user to follow. However, cleaning the other parts of the air conditioner should be done by a certified technician. Cleaning the interior parts of the air conditioner is part of the regular maintenance of the unit. For industrial and commercial air conditioners, especially those used in data centres or offices, maintenance schedules can be as often as once a month.

Preventive maintenance schedules can also be done on a quarterly or annual basis, to check on the moving parts and ensure that the unit is working properly. This way, you can be that you will have a comfortable stay all year round.