The Proper Ways to Dispose Old uPVC Windows

A window about to be disposedThere is an array of alternative processes available for retrieving remaining worth from used plastic items. You must consider the whole variety of waste management possibilities to determine how you can treat plastic waste, including uPVC window recycling.


Most people assume that you cannot recycle PVC, but this is a misconception. Similar to other thermoplastic materials, the process of recycling PVC is quite straightforward. The main goal of recycling is to lower the usage of primary resources as well as redirect resources from a landfill.

In this case, the European PVC industry has certainly accomplished success by using the RecoVinyl scheme. They utilised this to organise the recycling and collection of post-consumer PVC building items. Recycling and recovering factory waste and off-cuts after the fabrication of these windows has always been a standard practice. They then integrate these materials with a virgin polymer to develop durable products, such as window profiles.

To encourage Vinyl 2010 Voluntary Commitment, they introduced this European-wide scheme to recycle and collect post-consumer PVC building products.


PVC does not incur damage in a landfill. uPVC will continue to be inactive in a landfill. This is according to a study conducted by the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. No proof reveals that it would be a source for any lethal substances under landfill settings.


PVC incineration does not display issues connected to dioxins emissions. The intention behind manufacturing advanced incinerators in the country was to meet strict EU limitations regarding emissions of substances such as hydrogen chloride and dioxins. Nevertheless, other materials besides PVC can also form these two chemicals.

With the alternative options above, you will be able to decide which method would be best to dispose of it. Just keep the various factors in mind when making your decision.