3 Essential Tools for Mexican Cooking

Mexican cuisine has always had the most delicious of dishes. These include different types of barbacoa, soups, tamales, and tacos, just to mention a few. The Mexicans’ unique choice of ingredients and manner of cooking has spread to almost every state in the U.S., and across Africa, Asia, and Spain. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization said it best when it labeled Mexican cuisine as a cultural heritage that was intangible yet worth treasuring.

Of course, an authentic Mexican restaurant in Springfield, VA uses only the right ingredients and tools when preparing their gourmet recipes. If you want to try cooking their dishes for yourself, make sure that you have the following kitchenware so that your meals will have that authentic taste of Mexican food.

Tortilla Press

Food experts agree that tortilla presses are among the essential tools in Mexican cuisine. Tortilla presses are best if you want to save time from forming tortillas by hand. Using these is also a hygienic way of making huge volumes of tortillas.


You use a comal to cook the tortillas, as well as meat and several other ingredients. Traditionally, a comal is made of clay. Nowadays, a comal is made of cast iron to make it more durable and easy to clean.


Steamers are the best for preparing corn and making esquites and tamales. They are also good for steaming artichokes and other vegetables.

Over the years, the products, tools, and utensils for preparing traditional Mexican dishes have evolved. The rapid growth in technology has also helped almost every reputable Mexican restaurant to come up with faster means of preparing and presenting their recipes. But one thing is for sure: Mexican cuisine is here to stay.