Bathroom Waterproofing: A Worthy Investment

As a homeowner, it is common knowledge to invest on quality rather than quantity when building your home. However, sometimes, living by this mantra cannot be easily done. But there are times when compromise should never be a choice. One of these instances is when constructing your bathroom.

Waterproofing is an integral part of a bathroom. Afterall, a bathroom that leaks is a headache to the whole house. Thus, aside from choosing the right bathroom waterproofing tiling products all around Sydney, it is also important to know which mistakes to avoid to make sure you can shower without worrying about leakage.

Mistakes to avoid when waterproofing your bathroom:

Skipping professional help

There are some things you can DIY then there are some which you need professional help. Waterproofing is when you need to opt for the latter. Hiring a professional might cost you more than doing it yourself, but it can help you solve the problem to the core right away.

Substandard materials

As mentioned, construction of your bathroom should never be a compromise. Choose and use only quality materials. You might go a bit over your budget, but it is an investment that you would surely be able to appreciate in the long run.

Drainage problem

Poor design construction usually causes poor drainage. Meaning you installed your shower in an area where insufficient drainage can occur. Therefore, before anything else, make sure you have your whole bathroom plan accordingly to avoid problems arising in the future.

Insufficient drying time

Do not be impatient. When tiling a bathroom, a screed needs to be applied and thoroughly dried before using any primer and waterproofing. Skipping the drying phase would result in a bonding failure of your primer. Choose a tiler who knows the importance of working on a thoroughly dry screed, even if it means leaving it on overnight and coming back the next day.

Be a practical homeowner. Invest in your bathroom waterproofing and be able to take a bath peacefully anytime of the day.