Best Varieties of Antique Garden Roses

photo of a man taking care of his rose garden

Roses remain a favorite for all types of decorative gardens. There are many varieties of roses to choose from, but nowadays more and more property owners are opting for antique roses. These roses are also called old garden or species roses. They are renowned for their intense fragrance, beauty, and ruggedness.

Planting these roses is, however, not as easy as other flowers. Experts at Authentic Provence suggest using antique planters for these flowers. Using them will ensure that the roses have adequate room for growth since their roots form dense thickets. Here are the varieties of antique roses you can choose.

Earl Grey

This rose variety has a beautiful faded quality that makes it have a vintage appearance. It has a soft grey color and a distinct soft appeal, which make them look feminine and delicate. Earl Grey roses look outstanding when combined with flowers with soft lilac or blush pink shades.


This variety, unlike other vintage ones, has a vibrant color. The color of Amnesia roses is best described as lilac meeting bronze. Though this description might not sound appealing, they look amazing. Most clients have mistaken the color of Amnesia roses as a sign that their flowers are not thriving, but this color is a truly exotic beauty.

Ocean Song

This rose variety is also known as a boyfriend rose. It is a lilac beauty that has become a favorite for antique rose lovers over time. Ocean Song roses have a pastel shade and are renowned for their delicacy and feminine charm. They open up to reveal petals that curl outward to exude a perfect antique charm. Ocean Song roses are unquestionably romantic and will look perfect when paired with other flowers of different lilac shades.

The grace and beauty the above antique rose species will give to your property are matchless. The money you will spend on antique roses and antique planters is hence worth the investment. Transform your property today with these old garden roses.