Flood Alert: Warning for Maryland Residents

Flooded road in a neighborhood

Maryland is prone to flooding, especially these days when the weather is expected to dump over three inches of rain overnight. There has reportedly been some flooding in Harford County already, and the rest of Maryland is on flood warning.

In preparation for the bad weather, you should do the following:

Inspect for Gutter Damage

There is a possibility of flooding in low-lying areas and areas with poor drainage. Your neighborhood can be a victim if there are gutters clogged and are not helping drain the water away. Your own home may have to deal with water damage if your gutters are compromised. Uncle Skeeter’s Roofing, Siding & Gutters reminds that gutter cleaning is a task you should not delay, especially in this weather. Make sure the gutters are not blocked so that water flow will not be obstructed.

Park Your Car Safely

When streets are flooded and seem like they’re not passable on foot without getting your footwear soaking wet, it’s not safe for you to be driving around. Even if you have no plans to go anywhere, you should secure your car in the garage or in an elevated area so that water will not easily get to it and displace it. You should also park cars away from trees or branches. When the weather becomes more severe, you’ll thank your foresight for keeping your car safe and as far from damage-prone areas as possible.

Check the News Before Heading Out

The weather may seem nice in the morning, but things can take a turn for the worst later in the day. Before you make plans, check the weather forecast for the next 24 hours and take an umbrella, at least. If there are flood warnings, it’s wiser to reschedule plans that are not urgent. Make sure you call everyone to tell them about the canceled plans, so that they will be safe indoors, too.

Right now, we have to live with whatever weather we get. It’s up to you to prepare, though. Always be aware of what’s happening outside, and stay out of harm’s way.