For Your Sanity: How to Share a Bathroom With Your Significant Other


The bathroom is a sacred space at home – it’s where people can be most personal, private, and intimate given the solitariness it allows. Bathrooms are a prized asset in Virginia homes, with people spending more just to have that perfect, relaxing space.

But this pristine, pure image of the bathroom can be easily ruined, with streaks of toothpaste thrown all over the mirror resulting from an aggressively-toothbrushing significant other. Sharing toilet seats with a partner (and dealing with them forgetting to flush – consistently) can really turn sacred bathrooms into wild war zones.

But there are plenty of ways you can go around this. After all, marriage is all about working together through differences, right. Even in disagreements on whether to leave toilet seats up or down?

Cleanliness, Next to Godliness

Cleanliness is a big problem couples often face in sharing bathrooms. No one wants to walk into a room where there are clumps of hair on the floor or dot residues of lotion or toothpaste on the sink. It’s important then to have a cleaning schedule before the mess, filth, and ungodly anger towards each other build up.

There are also ways you can keep the mess to a minimum. For instance, glass shower enclosures installed by Northern VA companies such as The Glass Guys offer require little maintenance compared to traditional counterparts.

That’s because they don’t have metal frames and caulking prevents mold or grime building up. Another way you can keep cleanliness is to have self-draining mats.

An Honest-to-Goodness Talk

Sometimes, all it takes to keep the peace in the bathroom is a good conversation. Sit down and talk about who uses the bathroom when. Agree on a schedule, especially if you’ll be using the bathroom at roughly the same time, say in the morning before going to work.

Set a schedule and make sure to follow through with the agreement. It’s also good to talk about preferences on how you want your stuff to be organized. Sometimes, disagreements happen because a partner placed the towel of another on the wrong corner.

These seemingly petty conflicts, when piled up over time, often blow up. So before that happens, make sure to have that honest conversation on how you want your things arranged.

Sharing the bathroom with your significant other can be really challenging, but if you think about it, it’s also a relationship milestone for new couples and a marker of a mature bond for longtime partners. Don’t take out the joy in this relationship phase. Share the bathroom gracefully. After all, sharing is caring.