Just Don’t: Hiring a Friend or a Family to Take Wedding Photos

Photographer and a bride

While it’s important to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding, it’s more important to capture your moments in the best way possible. And this means hiring a professional wedding photographer. It’s never advisable to hire a friend or a family member with a digital camera, unless this is what they do for a living. You need someone who can take photos professionally and beautifully.

JayLynn Studios and other Salt Lake City photographers share other reasons you shouldn’t get a friend or a family to shoot your big day:

Skill and Professional Equipment

Photography is not a skill that can be developed in an instant or learned by reading articles and how-to guides. If your friend or family member is a professional photographer, there’s no harm in hiring them. If not, it’s better to stick with a pro. Wedding photographers are also equipped with the cameras and tools to accommodate a big event like a wedding.

Understanding of the Event

Taking photos for a big event is rarely a one man’s job. Pros usually have a second or even a third shooter to make sure that everything is covered. You can also expect photographers to be on their feet for hours, as well as shoot pre-wedding events like engagement. They also provide other essential services like printing, ordering, and arranging the album.

Detachment from the Festivity

One big problem with hiring someone you know is the temptation to join the festivities. This can distract them from their responsibility, which is taking photos. If you’re hiring a friend who is also invited at a wedding, you cannot always expect other guest to come up to them and start a conversation. When you hire professionals, however, there are no risks of distractions since the guests don’t know them.

These are only of the reasons you should stick with a pro. Note that the photos are the single most important thing that people will see when they look back on your wedding. Beautifully and professionally taken photographs will be treasured forever. This is why you should hire a photographer whose personality and portfolio displays the kind of images you love.