Living the Good Life: Types of Luxury Homes

a luxurious bathroom

What first comes to mind when you hear luxury homes? Perhaps an expensive house only reserved for the rich? In reality, there are different types of luxury homes, notes You can categorize them into gated mansions, high-rise condominiums, custom homes and vast ranches.

To be considered a luxury home, a property has to meet a few standards. For instance, they will need adequate outdoor space, a premium location preferably with a view, and certain size requirements. So the next time you go looking for luxury houses for sale choose between one of the following:

1. Single-detached houses

The design of these homes aims to provide privacy. As such, they tend to be more expensive than other types of luxury homes. A single-detached house often also includes a garage. It usually also has outdoor space of more than 700 square feet.

2. Condominiums

If you are looking for a contemporary housing style that fits into an affluent lifestyle, you could consider investing in a condominium unit.

Normally, you will own the unit, but the land and common areas around the property are shared spaces among other unit owners. Waterfront condominiums are normally pricier than units located elsewhere.

3. Serviced homes

People looking for temporary accommodation outside resorts and hotels can go for serviced homes. Fitting for expatriates and travelers, serviced homes give accommodation within a broad and convenient location.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the home even if you own it. The management usually offers the necessary support.

There are many luxury homes available on the market. When choosing a type, consider the location and size. Consider also the amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, sports rooms and parking areas. You want a home that fits your profile well and caters to your needs adequately.